• Dell Technologies Business

    Discover how Dell Technologies is helping customers succeed,
    never stopping the challenge of innovation

  • SUSE Business

    As a global leader in open-source solutions for enterprise servers & cloud technology,
    SUSE works with partners, communities, and customers to deliver and support
    powerful open-source software solutions as the goal is to help our customers innovate everywhere.

  • AI Business

    Artificial Intelligence(AI) is changing the paradigm of the industry as a whole.
    Lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution with Daol TS,
    which provides comprehensive AI products and services.


Company name Daol TS is composed of pure Korean words
“Blessed comes in everything we do” for Daol and Technology Solution for TS.
We have a commitment to always provide the best technologies and solutions
in the hope that all of our partners will be blessed in everything they do with us.